Magic Spells

Basic knowledge-

Since time of ancient lore, we had bore, spells for life, spells for strife, spells to cure, spells to lure, etc.  There is knowledge of a spell to create spells, so spells are infinite, listed are spells found along research.  None of these spells are created by me.  I suppose, this page in my database is also my...Book of Shadows.


Basic Energy Storage Practicing

Items needed:



Ok first off the basic things you need to get started with energy:

Put your hand in front of you and focus in the palm of your hand, you will know when you start gathering energy practice this for awhile if you get good enough you wont need to focus on your hand at all

Ok now im going to give you a hint:

Your energy source is located in your lower back in one of the bones it could be a different bone depending on who you are.

Now you must learn to control your energy:

First you must control what you draw energy from for my experimenting has shown that if to much energy is sucked out of something it should get cold or die so you must control this to stop it. First imagine a stream of blue (NOTE:the color doesnt matter i just use blue) imagine that stream heading out from your hand to a tree or animal that tree or animal should be what you suck your energy from your energy should regain by itself (thats how trees and animals get power for you to charge up with)
Now you shall learn how to control youre energy ,first ok imagine the blue (or any other color) stream inside your body imagine it flowing through your arms into your back and coming in from the feet through the legs that is basically your energy line now flow the energy through your body ok imagine your arms stream with arrows showing you which way there going now make them go one way and blank out your legs and back (colour them black or grey) thats the way your energy flows

now im going to teach you a basic punch attack:

Gather energy into your palm again and focus alot there (NOTE:you don't need to shape it just keep it there) make a fist and there is your vessel for a punch.
(depending on how much energy you gather, the damage is added)

Solar Energy Spell

Items needed:


(To gain energy from the Sun.)

put domonite hand at the Sun, then say

''God of the sun, give me your magical energy so mote it be''

Pentagram Energy Spell

Items needed:



Simply draw a pentagram on a piece of paper and sit on the picture.  With belife, you should be gaining energy.

Chakra Energy Absorption Spell

Items needed:




Simple, put your hand toward a light and say:

"Light oh light,
Here my plee,
An energy bolt is just what I need,
My chakra is low,
So make it high,
Let my spirts fly,
So light oh light,
Mote it be."

You should feel something in the part you want to force chakra into.

Full Power Spell

Items needed:

*Total belife in your magical abilities

(To bring you to full power)

Repeat these words:

''O Great Goddess Hecate, hear my plea.
Release my power unto me!
So mote it be.''

Psi Ball Spell

Items needed:



Cup your hands out in front of you like you were holding a softball. Visualize your energy center....now imagine beams of energy flowing from your center up to your chest and down your arms into your hands. Now imagine the energy flowing out of your hands (still in beam form). Now visualze the energy beams circling around each other untill you get a ball. You will know when you have made it because you will feel either pressure or tingling in your hands. It may take a few days of practice to make your first one but its worth the wait.

The next step is to shell the ball. Add more energy to your hands....now visualize that new energy surounding the ball you have just made. Imagine it turning into a hard shell around your energy ball. This is to keep the balls shape and keep it from disentigrating. All you have to do to get rid of the energy is to let it go. Just stop concentraiting. To make your psi ball stronger just keep pushing more energy into it.

Psi Shield

Items needed:


*ability to make a Psi Ball
(Level 2-3 Psi Spell, must be able to use Psi Ball before attempting)

Visualize you are making a psi ball but make it into a protective sphere around you body. it can be any colour, and you can add any element you want to it.
When you are finished and ready, chant:


Ki Technique Spells

Items needed:




Stand in a fighting position. Feel the ki in your body. Now visualize roots shooting out of your feet and into the ground. Picture the roots planting into the ground and obsorbing ki. Then begin to visualize your energy merging
with the Earth's energy. This is a technique that gives a little boost to the ki attack, and helps prevent burnout.

Ki Ball:

Cup your hands like you were holding a large baseball. Focus on your hara and the energy inside of it. Bring that ki up into your chest, then down your arms into your hands. When a descent amount of ki is in your hands, have it emerge out and meet in between to form a ball. You should be able to feel it's energy. Don't worry if you can't see it, you'll be able to when you become more advanced.


Drawing ki:

Sit in a cross-legged position. Back straight, chin up. Put your hands so that your left hand is holding your right calf muscle, and vice-versa. Close your eyes and begin to breath slowly. 4 seconds breathing in, hold for 2, breath out for 4, hold for 2. This is called the four-fold breath. It relaxes your mind and body. After about 10 times of doing that, start doing the following: Breath in like you normaly would, but this time picture breathing in the ki around you. Have it go up you nostrols and stop there when you hold your breath. As you breath out, Focus on the ki traveling down your body and splitting in to two parts so that it can go down both your arms. Let the ki flow down both arms and into the calfs. Keep the ki flowing up your legs untill it winds up at yo ur hera. Repeat this untill you feel you have drawn enough energy. After a while you'll be able to draw in ki while you're doing something.


Ki sensing:

Close your eyes and think of someone standing around you. Visualize the ki inside of their body. Now reach out with your ki and touch their's. The stronger their ki power is, the larger the knot in your stomache.


Ki Sheild:

Feel out th ki in your body. Feel it flow through your merideans(energy channels). Now start having ki come out of your hera, and more ki out of your body. The ki that comes out of your body have form around you in a crystall shape. After a minute or so you should have an entire outer shell around you. Now start filling the space between your body and the outer shell with ki. Once this is accomplished, visualize the outer shell of the full sheild turning in to hard, invincible metal or steel. The harder the concentration, the stronger the sheild.

Attacking with ki:

To attack with ki, do this. When you shoot your ki at something/one, you need to shoot it THROUGH the opponent. The reason for this is that the ki will act as a sonic boom and create a shockwave. This rupters their ki and will sometimes send them crumbling to the ground gassping for air. But there is something to remember. Closing the distance increases the results of the attack. When ki travels too far, it begins to fall apart. Also, a physical attack that's charged with ki is much more devistating. Because there is no space between the ki and the opponent.


Basic Ki blast:

Put your hands to your side and make a ki ball. You should be standing in a wide stance. Focus on the opponent, but keep concentration on the ki ball. Keep adding energy to it untill you think it has enough. Focus on the ki inside of you radiating out about to explode with it's true force. Lean foward and thrust your hands out in a double-palm strike. Tighten you hands and explode the ki inside of you to let it out in a short, devistating, blast. Push the ki ball away from your body and through the opponent. This will likely only cause the opponent to loose stanima and concentration. NOTE!: Do not perform this technique and make physical contact. Only do that as a last resort. If the blast is powerful enough and physical contact is made, organs can dissentigrate, and the person could die or blow up.


Ki Punch:

Begin to feel out the ki in your body. Now let it flow in to the hand that is going to attack. Keep the ki inside of the hand. Once you have collected a sufficient amount of ki, start focusing behing your opponent. Focus on the space behing him. Then tell yourself you're going to punch that space. Attack and let out a shockwave of ki going through the opponent the instance you make contact.


Ki kick:

Fill your leg with ki and repeat the instructions for ki punch, replacing hand with foot.


Ki flame:

A version of the power up. Start drawing in energy ands letting it flow through out you entire body. Keep drawing in more and more. Fill your inner and outer body with ki. Next, make all of it explode and come outwards so that it is outside of your body surrounding you like a flame. For visualization: If you watch dragon ball z, this is the power up they use.

Ki to Increase Speed:

This is farely simple. Wave your hand in the air in front of you. As your doing this, visualize an image of the hand moving at a faster rate. Bring your hand back and perform a front punch. As your arm extends, picture the mental fist drawing back. As your real fist draws back, picture the mental one striking. Practice this with both hands. After continuos practice, you will begin to see results. It's a mental trick, I honestly don't know why it works.

Basic Ki Healing:

Place your hands on the wounded or painful area. Let your ki flow into the injured area. Picture your ki as the color yellow, and the pain as the color red. As your ki enters the other person's body, have the yellow energy overpower the red energy. In your mind it should look like the yellow is eating away at the pain. After about a minute, their should be no more red, meaning no more pain.

Ki Healing version 2:

Place your hands about an inch above the person who is injured. Wave your hands accross their body and pay attention to any of their energy that feels different than the rest. That it the source or their pain. Touch the injured area and picture grabbing the pain and releasing it into the air to be cleansed. Replace the energyless area with some of your own ki. Healing takes about 5 minutes to go into effect.Ki
The techniques I have so far on this page listed in order are the advanced ki blast, jing blast, multiple ki balls, ki matoshi, genki dahma, spirit up, burning knuckle, big bang blast, sudden impact, and spirit mine.

Advanced Ki Blast:

Stand in a wide-stance position with your hands cupped by your hip about 5 feet from your opponent. Power up using the ki flame method. Push the energy in the flame around to your hands. All of the energy from your ki flame should try to be pushed into your hands. The purposes of having it IN your hands instead of between your hands like a ki ball, is so that you can control the blast. Create a mana ball in between your hands. Then create a ki ball so that you have a mana ball inside of a ki ball. Use the energy from the ki flame in your hands to merge the energy of the ball with your hands. Once again, focus on your ki radiating inside of you, ready to explode with it's true force. Thrust your hands foward in a double open-handed strike and shoot the blast. Note: This is how I perform an advanced ki blast. Play around a little and try to create your own.

Jing Blast:

Go set up for a regular ki blast. Place your hands to your side and create a ki ball between them as you normaly would. After the ki ball is created, begin to visualize the ki hardening into a solid object. I visualize it hardening into a rock. When in your mind it looks like a rock in between your hands, Thrust out like you normaly would. When the ''rock'' is released, visualize the stream of ki pushing it as a Pole or peice of two by four. I visualize a huge telephone pole emerging and shooting at the opponent. Ram the pole straight through the opponent. This will give a visible effect of the damage. It may cause a red mark or something the first few times you try it. Practice it on a friend first. But make sure he has propper gear on. I did this to a friend of mine before when he wasn't wearing any gear. He bent down and acted like he had just been punched real hard in the gut. When he recovered he commented that it felt like a telephone pole was rammed through him.

Multiple Ki Balls:

Draw both hands back so that your right hand is next to your right ribcage(loading), and vice-versa. Create a ki ball in each hand. Thrust one hand foward and launch the ki ball at the opponent. As you draw it back, do the same thing with the other hand. While one hand is loading, quickly charge it back up with ki and create another ki ball. The object is to be able to quickly create ki balls in case of emergency. But you have to remember that the more ki balls you blast, the more energy you use, so the weaker the balls become.

Ki Matoshi(disk):

Put one hand up and create a mana ball. Have it hover about 4 inches above your hand. Now, there is a red orb of energy located in the center of your palm called the palm chakra. Open it by visualizing it filling with light and beggining to spin fast. Once opened, it will spin at about 600 times per second. Create a link from your hand to you mana ball. The spinning of the chakra will naturaly make the mana ball spin. Use your will power to flatten out the ball into a disk. You should now have an energy disk spinning at about 500 times per second. through it at something about feet away and watch what happens. If it was strong enough, a slash should have been created. Practice this technique untill you can cut through trees and fence with it.

Genki Dahma:

More advanced version of a mana ball. Raise both hands into the air. Now go into a standing mediation. Bring mana in from all around you. Have it collect over your hands. Keep drawing untill you have a mass of mana over your hands. Now use your will power to compact it and form it into a ball. Let the energy ball rest about 1 foot above your hands. Keep drawing mana to it untill it has sufficient energy needed to perform it's task. Power up(any type) so that you can keep control of it. Focus on your opponent and throw your hands foward. Launch the Genki Dahma through the opponent and have it explode about a foot behind the opponent.

Spirit up:

Get in a ready stance. Start drawing in energy. Let the ki fill you up. In your mind visualize your body as empty and the ki coming and filling it up. After about a minute you should feel warm inside. This means that you were succesfull. This allows the ki to flow easier and make energy easier to control.

Burning Knuckle:

Stand in your fighting position. Draw the hand that you are going to attack with back. Now perform a ki flame power up. Force ALL the energy in the flame into your hands. Let the flame expand a little and engulf your entire hand. In your mind it should look like your hand is on fire. Focus behind your opponent and attack. Once contact is made, let the flame go as a blast. Turn your knuckle a little. Even after you've made contact, still try to reach the air behind the opponent. WARNING!: THIS ATTACK WILL CAUSE VOMMIT OF BLOOD AND CAN EVEN PARYLLIZE! USE AS A LAST RESORT!

Big Bang(for lack of any real name):

Note that this is a finishing attack and is meant for when your opponent is wounded. It won't destroy them in most cases, but it will end the battle. Stand in a straight-back stance with the opponent about 2 feet away from you. Have the opponent to the side of you. Look in the direction of the opponent and extend the arm on that side. Have the palm facing towards him/her. Create a block in your wrist that will not allow ki into your hand. create another at the shoulder that lets ki in, but not out. Start letting ki flow into your arm and try to reach your hand. Make it keep pushing the block. The more ki, the stronger the push. Fill your arm with ki as much as you can. This builds up the pressure pushing against the block. When you just can't hold in any more, quickly remove the block. This will have the effect of a pressure hose. The ki will come racing out at an enormous rate. It will be too much for you to control, so don't even try, just let it come out. This will bewind the opponent and he will no longer have the strength or stanima to continue fighting you.

Sudden Impact:

This is a technique I devised from the one below. Create a genki dahma and throw it at the opponent. Instead of having the dahma go through the opponent, have it stay inside of him/her. Once the ''mine'' is placed in the opponent's body, charge your fist with a burning knuckle. Perform a ki punch and make contact directly on the area where the mine is placed. Send the ki in your fist out as a shockwave immediatly. About a decisecond after impact, the shockwave will detonate the mine, causing the effect that your punch was like a nuce to the person. Inside and out. THIS TECHNIQUE CAN KILL, AS CAN ANY TECHNIQUE IF DONE PROPPERLY!

Spirit mine:

Bring one hand up and create a strong mana ball filled with the energy of living organisms all around you(Genki Dahma). Once you've created this ball, ''lock on'' to your opponent. Throw the ball but do not let the ball go through him/her. Instead, keep the genki dahma inside of the opponent. With the hand that created the dahma extended in front of you, tell yourself(in your head) that when you close your hand into a fist, your hand will act as a remote for the ''mine'' inside the opponent. Then that when you open it, the remote will be triggered, and the mine will explode. Practice this technique on a tree, or someone equaly as powerful as you.

Upward Spiral:

Focus on the enemy and get in ready stance. Feel out ALL of the energy around you. Let you own ki out into the air, wrapping around the mana around you. Make 4-6 balls of mana-filled ki balls. Concentrate them down into the Earth, also taking earth element energy. Bring the balls up circling around the opponent. Make the mana inside of the ki balls shoot out like spikes at the opponent as they are going up. This will barrade the enemy with about 60 spikes of energy, which hurts like heck. As you get better, make more balls and make them hold more mana. Also extend the distance between you and the opponent.

Mega Ball:

Raise your dominant hand up as if you were going to create a mana ball. Power up using the ki flame technique. Push all the energy into that hand and form it into a ball. Power up again and repeat. This takes about 4 power ups. Once that process is complete, draw in some energy. Create a block as you would for the big bang. Once suffecient pressure has been created, throw your hand foward and let it fly, use the access energy from the block to push it off. It will move slowly because of the amount of ki in it.

Ki Drill:

Stand in a wide stance with your body facing the opponent. Bring up your dominant hand and extend the index and middle fingers on that hand. Place the hand about 6 inches off your chest. Close your eyes and begin focusing all your ki into those two fingers. Once you've generated as much ki as you can, let some of it come out and rotate around your fingers like blades. Load that hand and thrust it staight foward. Project the ki with a spear point at the tip of the beam. Create rotating blades around the beam. Focus it drilling through the opponent. WARNING: IF USED IN EXTEME ANGER, THIS TECHNIQUE CAN DRILL A HOLE IN AN ENEMY!

Multi Convergence:

Also known as the tri form technique, it allows the user to create spiritual, sometimes physical replicas of him/herself. Stand in a straight position and power up. This time keep ALL the energy from the power up inside of your body. Feel the ki moving inside of you. Use your will power to make it move faster. Make the ki inside of you move through your body at an incredible rate. Draw in ki to fill gaps of energy. In your mind you want the ki to move so fast it doesn't look like it's moving. When you feel that this has been accomplished. Extend your dominant leg and side step. As you step visualize the ki being left where you were. Also picture giving a little of your own spirit to it. When you have fully stepped out, visualize the ki hardening into a human form and taking on the image of you. Once accomplished, you have full control over the clone. If focus is lost, or the clone is hit with a ki technique that overpowers it, it will melt away and return to you. If you give a peice of your mind to it, it can think on it's own and you don't have to focus on it.

Choko blast(edited version):

This is a technique I devised with one purpose, to completly over power the opponent and win the battle with ONE attack. Stand about 4 feet away from the opponent and go into regular ki blast position. Place your hands down by your hips and power up with ki flame and spirit up. Push the ki flame in between your hands to create a ki ball. Let it expand around your wrists. Double fill the inside of the ball with the eternal energy from the spirit up. Now create a block in both wrists and another at both shoulders with the same programming as the big bang attack. When there is sufficient pressure created, let SOME of it expand about 1 inch off your arms. Create a wirlpool of mana around your hands to add to the energy in the ball. Merge the ball with the hands so that in you mind it looks like your hands ARE the ki ball. Thrust your hands foward. As your hands go foward, so does the wirlpool. Shoot the blast and use the momentum of the wirlpool to create a sling-shot effect by swallowing the blast and slinging it towards the opponent at a speed of about 150mph. This blast, if done properly, will devistate the opponent and make him gasp for breath. It should take about 10 minutes before he can breath normally again.

Minor invisibilty shade:

Relax your mind and focus on your surroundings. Feel the heat of the light from the sun hitting you. In your mind, visualize the rays of light going straight through your body. You must remember that we only are seen because the light reflects off of us for other's pupil's to gather which allows you to see. That's why we can't see in the dark, because there is no light for the pupil to pick up. If the light goes through you, there is no reflection of light for other pupils to pick up. This normaly only works in crouds or forests where the is plenty of surroundings to throw someone's concentration off.

Fire ball:

The fire ball is a hard move to learn to controll, but it is also extremely effective. To start out with, put your hands in the basic ki ball position. Start adding Ki energy into your hands, except this time focus as hard as you can into making the energy warm. Try to make it as hot as you can. Don't worry, the heat will not harm you because it is your energy. Now once you have added a fairly large amount of energy to the ball, remove one of your hands away from the ball. Now you should have only one hand holding the ball. Raise the hand that is holding the ball in the air. Make sure that the ball is in your dominent hand. Grab your wrist with your other hand that is free. Now push your ki out of both hands so that some of it is comming out of your dominent hand that is holding the ball, and some is comming out of the hand that is holding your wrist. Push the energy that is holding your wrist into your wrist and into the ball. You know have the energy comming out of both hands. Now is the hard part. Start powering up and tightening your arm muscles. Focus as hard as you can on the ball turning into a huge flaming ball of energy. This is actually easier than it sounds because it is your energy. If you focus hard enough, then a friend about 4 feet away will probally say something like ''Wow! I just saw a flame.'', or, ''Dang, that thing is hot'', or something else like that. If you are a beginner, then for your first year of making it, the best you will probally make is a very faint ball of fire most likely. I would recommend that you have some experience in Pyrokinesis before you start really practicing the move because it is easier to perform.


This technique uses a spiral force to hit the enemy from multiple directions, then downward spiraling into their organs causing a drill effect(OUCH!). Stand in a regular wide legged stance(horse stance) and plave your hands palm out with your palms facing the opponent. What you want to do is create a ki 'magnet' that will collect the ki and mana within a certain range. Let your ki outside of you to be drawn around your body into the magnet. Now make the magnet spin, so that the ki it has collected, and will collect, begins to circle as well.

At this point, begin to draw mana into the magnet. The mana should be spiraling towards the hands because of the magnet. Now merge the ki with the mana so that the ki uses the mana to climb out in to the air and cirlce around your palms as one with the mana. Start to charge your arms with any ki you have left. Use the ki in your arms to project the magnet out of your hands and through the opponent. This will cause the spiral of ki/mana around your hands to go inside-out and follow the magnet at a high speed. This will cause the mana and ki to go drilling through your opponent.

Ki Essence:

This is the ability to force TONS of ki into a bottle, capsule, water drop, or small peice of food, for recoverative purposes. This is a VERY strong healing technique that I devised myself. In this I will use a small bottle as an example. Sit down and summon as much energy as you can. Bring all of it inside of you. Then become 'one' with the ki, and place your hands about 4 inches above the bottle. Visualize your palm chakra extending out and reaching the bottle. Fill that chakra with ALL the ki in your body at that time(keep enough to stay ALIVE!). Imagine a hole in the palm chakras forming and pouring all that ki into the bottle. Bring back your hands and use mind power to create a mana sheild in the shape of the bottle so that no ki leaks out of it. If the needed amount of ki was added, it should look a little foggy inside of the bottle. I've seen someone light up a bottle like a light bulb before(gave me the idea). Program the sheild to keep energy in, but not out. That makes it safe to put 1-3 drops of water(particularly enchanted) into the bottle. Thus making it an elixer with the 'essence' of ki inside of it. ANYBODY who has 1 drop of it, will be fully recovered. I HAVE TESTED THIS! IT DOES WORK, AND IS SAFE! The only thing that matters is how well you do it. And after the technique, or 'ritual', DRAW SOME ENERGY.

Sonic Boom:

This a technique named after Guile's attack from Street Fighter, due to simularity. I was submitted this technique by a friend of mine, it has been changed a little from it's original format.

Place your hands down by your waist. Left hand on left side, and vice-versa, with your palms open. Begin to collect energy into the hands. Focus as much energy as you can into it(ki, mana, and psi). Push all the energies within your power into your palm. Now shape the energy so that your hands are surrounded by balls of energy. Now clinch a fist, and raise your hands to chest level, while focusing on the damage you will cause. Quickly lock your arms into a position like this: Right fist inside of left elbow, and left fist ON your right elbow.
This position will send the two ''mega'' balls created swirling in your arms. They should swirl like a circle, with the ball created in your right hand shooting into your left arm, then into your chest, immediatly followed by circling back into your right again, and vice-versa. This will create a continuing circle for the energy, and as it travels over and over in that circle, it will gain more momentum and power. The instant that you break the circle by extending your arms back out, with your palms facing your opponent, the balls will collide and come out through your hands as a devistating shock wave of dissrupted energy. Note that this attack is mentally, spiritually, and physically devistating to your opponent if fully developed. This should only be used on a living organism as a last resort.

Fire Spells (Raising temperature of an area,Fire Blast,Fireball,Fire Blade, Fire Fuse,Fire Shield,Dragon Blast)

Items needed:



This is like the exact opposite of the Cryokinesis technique for lowering the temperature in an area.

To start out, stand in a relaxed position, close your eyes, and focus. Picture the air around you seeming wavy because

of heat in the area. Try to feel the heat on your body, picture yourself very hot and sweaty. You could also picture a

thermostat raising. This could raise the temperature in the area a bit.

Place your hands at your sides as to perform an advanced ki blast. Charge up the ki into your plams but also visualise

being engulfed in fire surrounding you. Let the flames build up and collect between your palms. Merge the ki in your

hands with the fire between your hands. You should feel heat unless you are an advanced student (who should see a

flame). Shoot your hands forward at the target and visualise the fire coming off your hands (just like shooting a psi

ball) Warning If you aren't prepared the flame can also attack you.

The fireball is a hard move to learn to control, but it is also extremely effective. To start out with, put your hands in

the basic ki ball position. Start adding Ki energy into your hands, except this time focus as hard as you can into

making the energy warm. Try to make it as hot as you can. Don't worry; the heat will not harm you because it is your

energy. Now once you have added a fairly large amount of energy to the ball, remove one of your hands away from the

ball. Now you should have only one hand holding the ball. Raise the hand that is holding the ball in the air. Make sure

that the ball is in your dominant hand. Grab your wrist with your other hand that is free. Now push your ki out of both

hands so that some of it is coming out of your dominant hand that is holding the ball, and some is coming out of the

hand that is holding your wrist. Push the energy that is holding your wrist into your wrist and into the ball. You know

have the energy coming out of both hands. Now is the hard part. Start powering up and tightening your arm muscles.

Focus as hard as you can on the ball turning into a huge flaming ball of energy. This is actually easier than it sounds

because it is your energy. If you focus hard enough, then a friend about 4 feet away will probably say something like

''Wow! I just saw a flame.'', or, ''Dang, that thing is hot'', or something else like that. If you are a beginner, then for

your first year of making it, the best you will probably make is a very faint ball of fire most likely. I would recommend

that you have some experience in Pyrokinesis before you start really practicing the move because it is easier to


Make fire energy pool at your index finger and middle finger. Force all of it into the finger tips. Move your Those two

fingers in a circle, making a small ring of fire. Then fill those same two fingers with ki (hopefully you know what that

is. If not, then it is your body's energy. For more info e-mail me). Then make a fing of ki in the middle of the ring of

fire. Make three ki balls and but them in the middle of the ring of ki. Connect them with strings of ki and make a ki

ball in the middle. Make the disc spin so fast that it creates the illusion of not moving at all. Finally, throw it.

This is a technique, similar to that of the Earth Fuse, which will combine your ki with the energy of the element of


To start out, get into a position that you normally use for Ki breathing or grounding. Picture the element of fire all

around you, with it's energy floating all around, like when you are Ki breathing. Now perform a ki breathing

technique, only take in the fire energy instead of ki. Picture it fusing with your ki inside your Dan Tien and all

throughout your body, turning your energy a swirling red-ish color, or whatever color you wish to use. Now you can

perform the Hii Tate if you wish...

''Hii Tate'' This is a technique I devised myself, which is similar to the technique in the Cyrokinesis section...Of

course, with fire instead of ice. Before doing this techinque, you will need to perform the Fire Fuse technique.

Get into a wide stance to start. Now picture your Dan Tien, fused with that Fire energy, swirling red, or whatever

color you wish to use. Now, command that fire energy to flow throughout all your chakras and your whole body.

Picture it flowing through you, starting to radiate out of you. Now, explode the fire energy out of you, similar to a ki

flame, only this time, instead of turning it into a flame around your body, picture it forming a huge ball of fire around

you, forming into a shield. Keep adding energy to it until you think it is strong enough. This technique works best if

you are facing off against an opponent who uses Cyrokinesis.

The dragon blast tech is for an intense blast of concentrated heat for torching the enemy.It helps if you have

experience in Pyrokinesis.First,get into horse stance.Put your dominant hand in front of you,palm outward.Start

drawing in fire mana for a ball.Create the mana ball with the fire mana.After this is done,concentrate hard on making

all of your ki hot.After your ki is scorching,put it into your mana ball.No matter how hot your ki is,the mana will cool

a little.Make sure that your ki does not overwhelm the mana ball.Only put a little ki into the ball.Now take every bit of

the negative energy in you and make a shell over the ball.Do this twice just to be sure that all your negative energy has

gone over the ball.Your hand should feel hot now.Now visualize the ball erupting into intense flames.Now fire it at the

opponent as a beam,but instead of ki pushing out the ball,visualize a blast of fire pushing the ball to the

opponent.When the ball gets to the opponent you can either just let it hit them or you can guide it inside of them and

make it erupt into flames and explode inside of them.This is a very powerful tech to use and should be used as a

finishing move to devastate your opponent or as a starting move to make them weary.If this tech is done right,you

should have a small,reddish-purple circle in the middle of your palm,similar to the one with the super blue ball.

Cryokenisis Spells

Items needed:


*Cold Training



What is Cryokinesis? Part ice element, and part psychic. An example of powerful cryokinesis is sub-zero, from mortal combat. It literally is the manipulation of, and control over, ice. Here are some abilities that will come from practicing cryokinesis:

1. Drop temperatures in a room.
2. make someone cold, but nobody else.
3. create frost.
4. turn water to ice.
5. create ice.
6. propell ice at an opponent.
7. cause an opponent to suffer from hypothermia.
8. metabollic freezing if someone/thing(turn to ice)

Those are a few of the main things people aim for. Here are a few techniques developed.

Propper preperation-

Your body needs to be in the right condition in order to be able to safely perform cryokinesis, for if one is propperly conditioned, he/she is immuned to the effects of ice. Start out by Taking a peice of ice and holding it in both your hands. Keep your fist clenched around the ice, and don't let go, no matter how much it hurts. Time yourself for one minute. After a minute, you may release the ice cube. Do this five times a day. After a week, extend the time to two minutes. After another week, extend it to three minutes. Then after a month, keep the ice cube in your hand untill it melts. Make sure you condition both hands equally. Durring this two month period, also begin taking cold baths. Lower the temperature of the water, every week that you extend the time you hold on to the ice cube. After this training period of about two months, you body should be conditioned to withstand hostile temperatures. You can only manipulate ice as much as you body can handle.

Standard Ice Ball-

Stand in a grounded position. Place your hands out in front of your navel(belly-button). Shape them just as you would if you were creating a ki or psi ball. Now visualize the water element all around you, flowing in between your hands. Then visualize a cold gust of wind sweeping across and forming the water into ice. Force the ice into a ball between your hands, and let the ice keep materializing in between your hands, untill you've made a complete ball. There should a cold point in the center of your palms. This is where the ice element power is actually produced.


Dropping the temperature in a room-

Stand in a comfortable position, and feel out the energy around you. Then begin to focus on the temperature of the room you are in. This works best if the temperature is already a little cold. Now visualize the air getting colder, and the energy freezing into ice. It helps to picture a thermometer dropping. Then begin to visualize waves of ice emmiting from your body, and going through the entire room. If successfull, the room should get a little cooler.

Weight Loss Spell

Items needed:



*beginning your workout



"I am about to exercise,
To wish to fit into another size,
"I wish to lose ___/kgs. every second goes by,
(snap fingers),
so mote it be."

Water Weight Loss Spell

Items needed:

*cup of water


(To get more results from a workout you just took)

Simply pour the glass of water on any part of the body you used during your workout and chant:

''This water binds me with the elements to become more powerful than before!''

Chant three times and do it within 30 minutes after your workout.

Prolounged Green Traffic Light Spell

Items needed:


While coming up to the light say,

''Count of one, this spells begun,
Count of two, all lights in tune,
Count of three, all lights stay green for me''

Tap the seat three times and say, ''So mote it be.''

Voodoo Doll Spell

Items needed:

*A doll of human shape

*A piece of enemy's hair, nails, etc.

*Object to inflict pain (candle, needle, etc.)

*Circle of Magic

Take the doll and place it into the circle. After doing so, take the doll and chant whilst placing your Enemy's item upon it, and chant the following placing the doll back into the circle.

"I command you, I control you,
I command you, I compel you,
I command you ,I compel you,
I command you, I compel you,
Hear my voice!
For what thy enemy has done to me so shall my pain come to them,
Hear my voice! 
The pain you have caused me I shall cause thee!"

Take Needle, Candle ect, and Inflict pain to the Doll.
Repeat if desired.
(Note: This will not kill the enemy they shall only feel joint pain, stinging, Hot, Cold, or whatever you inflict upon them.)

Sleeping Spell

Items needed:


Chant it while lying in bed. It won't make you fall asleep like that, but it will make you a bit drowsy:

''Help me sleep, help me sleep well, help me rest with this Wiccan spell. ''

Eye Color Changing Spell

Items needed:

* 1 (natural eye colored) candle

* 1 (desired eye colored) candle

* Voice

place the candle that is your normal eye colour on the left and the new colour on the right.

light the candles and sit in front of them.

raise both hands so that you can't see the candles anymore.

chant the following 3 times:

"1,2,3 change for me, 1,2,3 (natural colour) to (new colour) let it be seen."

close your eyes and visualise yourself with the new colour.

now chant this 3 times:

"By the power of 3 let it be seen."
Spell may take some time to work.

2nd Eye Color Changing Spell

Items needed:

*1 (desired eye color) candle



You'll need at least one candle in the color you want to change your eyes to. You also need a pentacle. You can draw a pentacle if you don't have one. A pentacle is a star inside of a circle.

Light the candle(s) and sit in front of it/them and chant the following three or more times:

"One, two, three, eyes change for me,
One, two, three (color you have now) to (new color) I see."

Take a deep cleansing breath while you envision yourself with the new eye color, then chant this three or more times:

"By the power of three, so mote it be."

Again visualize your eyes changing from their original color to the new color, then check the mirror.

Note: This spell may only last a day or so if only using one candle. And the color of the candle will be the new eye color.

Animal Instimct Spell

Items needed:

(To permenently gain the characteristics of an animal)
This is to be done during the waxing moon for best results.

"I call to herne, the hunter of all,
and ask that he aid me and answer my call.
bring from within me the traits that i seek,
and allow me to link with the animal deep,
i ask of the hunter to find, if i may,
the (insert animal here) within me here on this day."

To finish you may wish to make a noise assosiated with the animal, eg. howl for a wolf, and else give thanks to Herne the hunter for his aid. i would also suggest a session of meditation before the spell is cast on the animal that you wish to become more like, before and after.

Animal Communication Spell

Items needed:




Stare into the animal's eye, meditate while doing so.  After a few minutes, begin chanting:

"Creature quiet in front of me,
Through my eyes I can see,
Communicate through minds with me,
By the laws of 1, 2, 3,
This is my will so mote it be."

If succesfull, you should be able to talk to your animal via mind.

Walk Through Walls Spell

Items needed:



With white chalk, draw a sizable door on the wall (with a handle of course) and simply chant:

''When you find your path is blocked,
All you have to do is knock!''

Now knock three times on the ''door''.  What should happen:
A door to the other side of the wall should be accessible. If this does not work, then you need to ask yourself ''Am I really believing?'' Because as we all know, magic does not work if the caster does not believe.

Haste Spell

Items needed:

*must be running while chanting


Say the following while running:

"From the power of the air I summon thee,
Strengthen my body and legs to give me the utmost haste."

Speed Increase Spell

Items needed:

* Voice

''Speed of darkness,
Speed of light,
help (thy/me) run all right,
so mote it be!"

(for a week optional if you want longer effect)

2nd Speed Increase Spell

Items needed:


Imagine you are turning into wind and chant:

"I want to be fast like the light,
I want to run like the wind,
Gods please hear me,
So Mote It Be!"

Moon Love Spell

Items needed:

*full moon


(To make someone love you.  -.-')


"(name of person),
My love,
My life,
My spirit,
Come to me and forever we will be!"

Attractivness Spell

Items needed:

*ripe strawberry

*small bowl or plate


(This spell is said to increase your attractivness, it also says to be good before a date.  I wouldn't know -.-')

1. empower the strawberry for attraction (visualize your energy going into the srawberry, like a stream of pink or red coming from your body, into the strawberry, truley belive your giving the strawberry your energy.)

2. In a small bowl, mash the strawberry gently with the fork while visualising people looking twice at you and complimenting your appearance and chatting.

3. carefully rub your lips with the stawberry juice, say:

"The words I speak, the smiles I smile,
Be made sweet.
As bee to flower,
As honey to fly,
Draw near to me."

4. Eat the crushed strawberry sensually, enjoy the felling of the pulp on your tongue, the seeds between your teeth and the sweetness of the juice.

Reserve the remaining juice to anoint your lips again before you go out to meet your partner/date.

Breathe Revival Spell

Items needed:


To catch your breathe faster, say this spell while you walk or exercise:

"Everytime I walk I always seem to lose my breath, I wish to lose it no more *snap your fingers* so mote it be"

Rising Grades Spell

Items needed:


(A spell to help with schoolwork, its just to help you not make any easy mistakes, etc)

You can draw a pentacle one your paper if you want, but you dont have to. Throughout the day before taking the test say the following:

"On this test I take today
I will receive no less than ''A''.
Earth, Wind, Fire and Sea
As I say so mote it be!"

Now take the test and you can even say it a few times while taking the test. Say it in your head so others won't be disturbed. -.-'

Three Folds Spell

Items needed:

*writing tool (favorite color)



so you think someone cast a spell on you? Don't worry, this spell will make short work of it:

Draw a triangle on the peice of paper with your favorite color-

as you draw the first line recite:
"Before the day is over..."

as you draw the second line recite:
"Before the night is through..."

As you draw the last line recite:
"What you have done to others will go right back down to you!"

The spell will then leave you and return to the caster three times as bad.

Trip 'n' Fall Spell

Items needed:


(a playful spell to trick around with your friends)

Point 'n' chant the following to the selected living being:

"You can fall
As you can see
You will fall
So mote it be!"

Feeling Spell

Items needed:



First look at that person/animal, look what they look like and body expresions and facial.  Once you have done that you say the following spell:

"Oh God, bind are minds to see past there lies."

This will last 10 seconds.

Body Swap Spell

Items needed:

*2 people

*a dim lit room

*a picture of each person

*complete silence

*A star on the wall

*concentration on the other person completely

Look at the opposite person's picture for approx. 1 minute and then hold each other's hand and chant:

"Oh lord give me the power to switch my body that you so generously gave me."

And if the spell worked you'll wake up in the other person's body.  To switch back bodies, simply repeat the spell over again, but with switched pictures. (ex. in first time you were holding your friend's picture, but this time you hold your original body's picture.)

Revenge Spell

Items needed:

*full moon

(This spell is only to be used for revenge when hurt physically or emotionally, or else, the spell doesn't work.)

Try thinking of your victim and say this when the moon is full:

''By the spirits light,
On this night,
I call to thee,
To give thy all your might,
By the power of three,
I conjure onto thee,
To torture all those,
Who have hurt me!"

Reversal Spell

Items needed:


*concentration on the spell
(To reverse a spell)

''My spell went wrong as you can see,
Reverse it with the power of 3 times 3, 
Reverse it perfectly, without a flaw, 
And leave me stunned and in awe.''