Spells, are not the only thing, there are rituals (advanced spells) avalible as well.  There is no REAL difference between ritual and spell, possibly no real difference anyways.  -.-'


Casting Circle RItual

Items needed:

*salt (possibly)



1. Hold out your wand pointing northwards, visualise a bright light eminating from your wand, walk slowly in a clockwise direction.

2. As you walk say:

''This circle is a positive field, a protective sheild.''

Walk the circle a second time saying:

"This circle keeps me safe within, no harm can enter in.''

Walk the circle a third time, saying:

''This circle will enhance my spell ensuring that I cast it well.''

Face north and trace a pentacle in the air with your wand, do the same to the east, south and west.


To open a circle at the end of the spell you have casted, point your wand northwards, and walk the circle anticlockwise saying:

''I do not break this circle but the circle is undone.
The spell I have cast it has begun.
Mindful of the witches rede,
Now the magic has been freed,
I will harm none.
Yet if harms done,
It shall return by the power of three.''
btw, if you are in the southern hemisphere you may want to cast the circle in a anti clock wise direction and open with a clock wise direction.